1-Minute Devotional


Episode 1: The ‘Now You’ versus The ‘Future You’

Hello beautiful readers! How are you all doing today? It is always my pleasure to write. I am grateful to you for taking out time to read. So today we will be talking about the ‘now you’ versus the ‘future you’. Quick Question! When you look at yourself, what comes to mind? This might sound like a cliché question. However it is interesting that when most of us see ourselves, we only see what and where we could be. We see all the areas we are falling short. We quickly notice those parts of our bodies that could have been better.

It is very interesting to know that even when we become what we’ve always wanted to be, we still do not feel enough. We are in a constant race to get ‘there’. I like how someone put this. He put it this way : ‘there’ becomes ‘here’ once you get ‘there’.

Here is my suggestion. Learn to celebrate your small victories and of course the big ones. Love yourself for who you are and where you are. You see when you celebrate the ‘now you’; you receive strength to work on the ‘future you’. However when you keep beating yourself up for where you are; you strip yourself of the power to develop you into your desired self.

You are enough! You are enough for where you are. Make sure you are growing. You are doing better than you thought.

Thanks for reading, God bless you and see you next time!



Episode 2: In His Time

Psalm 130:5; Psalm 27:14

Hello beautiful people! I hope it is fine to say Happy New Month! I trust you have been well. Today, as you may have noticed we will be talking about God’s timing. I have always wondered why there was a need to wait for something when God could as well just make it available to me immediately. I honestly cannot say I have the answer to this question but every time I look back to when I had to wait, I know so well that it was worth it.

I like how someone brought this topic of God’s timing home. He said: “Joseph would have been of no use in the palace before the King had a dream”. Does this make sense to you in anyway? God had a big plan for Joseph but what made it God’s purpose was the timing. You see every purpose has a timing. Now that you know how to make requests to God according to His purpose, you must learn how to wait for His timing. With the purpose tag comes a time stamp.

How would you like to be employed on a job where there is no position for you until in the next couple months and as a result no pay? Won’t you rather wait till they have everything ‘figured out’?

God sure has a plan. He is preparing a place for your purpose request and at the right time, you will be glad you waited. Taking purpose out of its timing is like depriving fish of water. Your purpose request will thrive when it is powered by God’s timing.

WAIT and watch God strengthen you for your miracle! Isaiah 40:31

God bless you and keep you!

Much love and until next time🙋





Episode 1: The Purpose Tag

1Samuel 1:11-19

Welcome to 2018, lovelies! How are you all doing? Yes, the New Year is off to a great start. How do I know? I know because God’s promise is that He will do a new thing. I believe he has started fulfilling this promise by giving us the privilege of a new year. I am super excited!

I am also aware that with the New Year comes new requests in our heart or maybe old requests that spilled over from 2017. God sure has you in mind and in no time you will be the miracle.

Having said that I believe there is a right way to make  requests from heaven in this season. The Bible talks about not getting answers to our request because we ask amiss (James 4:3). This translates to the fact that there is a right way to tender our requests. The word amiss refers to something that is out of order. The order that God uses to answer request is in the direcction of His purpose. Every blessing that God gives has a purpose tag on it. So, when you ask for a blessing, ask in line with God’s purpose on earth. Let God know you intend to use the blessing for His purpose. This is the way to receive. When Hannah asked for a child, she asked for a child that will serve The Lord-Purpose. Her request was certainly granted.

What is the purpose tag on your request? Heaven has blessings with purpose tags. Make sure to tag your request with a purpose. That way, your request matches with a blessing in heaven based on the purpose tag they both have and boom, your answers will be deilvered in Jesus’ name.

Place a purpose tag on your request today!

Thanks for your time. I pray God grants you all of your heart desires in 2018 as you switch to partnership mode in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Love you and see you next time.



Episode 7: PEACE

2Thessalonians 3:16

Hey lovelies, how are you all doing today? I have had such a great time with this series and I totally trust that you have too. We would be wrapping up this series for now with Episode 7. I am excited, are you? Let’s do this!

I love the word PEACE for so many reasons, not sure I can iterate them all but one of it is just the fact that it gives me this sense of calm that I can’t really explain. Peace by definition from our old and faithful Oxford Dictionary defines peace to be restfulness, calmness and stillness amongst many other words. You see the presence of God is the presence of peace. Let me quickly say that God’s presence is not necessarily the absence of distress. It just means God’s peace overshadows the distress and works it out in such a way that it all works together for your good.

You can find peace anywhere as long as the presence of God is there. God’s peace can be both on the mountain and in the valley. Just make sure that in every aspect of your life, you do not let your experiences trick you into leaving God’s presence behind. That way you can be sure of God’s ever present peace.

I earnestly pray for God’s peace which passes all understanding to keep your heart and your mind together in Christ Jesus. Amen. (Philippians 4:7) Thanks and see you next time!

Shalom lovelies!




Episode 6: GRACE

Hebrews 4:16

Hey Lovelies, how are you all doing today? I trust you have been loving our series on In His Presence. On today’s devotional, we continue with Grace! Yes, I am excited, let’s do this!

Grace is one beautiful endowment that makes Christians different from non-Christians. It is what makes us look like we are doing a lot when we are actually doing not so much. Grace is what makes our weakness look like a strength. Grace is the foundation and even so the icing on the cake of our Christian life. Grace is our lubricant. Our life’s engine moves freely because of Grace.

As we appear before God’s presence, one thing we can never leave without is Grace. We are handed Grace in exchange for our presence in His Presence. Trust me people, Grace makes all the difference. In God’s presence, we receive instructions and Grace to follow suit. They go hand in hand. Suffice to say, Grace will be the breath of any achievements we will ever make in life.

The next time you go into God’s presence, look out for Grace. Do not leave until you get tones of it. Grace is in measures too! (Ephesians 4:7)

Love you guys so much, thanks for reading, Stay Graced and see you next time.




Episode 5: FULLNESS

Psalm 16:11

Hi lovelies, How are you all doing? Happy celebrations! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. We are moving on in our series –In His Presence. Today, we focus on fullness or perfection (if you like) as being a major aspect of God’s presence. You see in God, everything is perfect. We humans are constantly on the journey of perfection.

In God’s presence He exhales his perfection upon us so that all our weaknesses are suddenly wrapped in the light of his perfection. To stay in God’s presence is to have your shortcomings concealed. This is not a license for sin but it is a license for true freedom in God. Joseph was a man who enjoyed God’s presence (Genesis 39:2) and there was no wrong that could be found in him, someone just had to implicate him. David was a man constantly in God’s presence. Despite all his shortcomings, God still called him  “A man after my heart” (Acts 13:22). I think that is just awesome.

In conclusion, God’s command for us to be perfect (Matthew 5:48) is not going to be by our strength but it will be by constantly dwelling in His presence as we watch His perfection diffuse into every area of our lives. Amen!

I love you so much and keep being in his presence.🙋




Episode 4 –  CHANGE

2Corinthians 3:18

Hi Lovelies, I trust you are doing awesome! I have had such a beautiful experience so far in this season of “In His Presence”. I trust you have too. Today I am sharing something beautiful about God’s presence and that is CHANGE. I am typically a sporadic person, I naturally love change. I do not like to see things remain the same way for too long. So every opportunity to be changed in God’s presence is mine to grab without hesitation.

You see every time we get into God’s presence we are instantly changed. We are changed into becoming more like God. Sometimes we do not see the change instantly but it is just only a matter of time before this change starts to find its visible way into every area of our lives. You see, as long as we are human, there will be areas in our lives that constantly need change. When we get into God’s presence, His presence automatically spots out those areas and makes a beautiful change out of it (basically like how software updates work).

So, the next time You appear before God’s presence, do not hold back. Embrace all the changes that come with God’s presence and get ready for this change to make you an even better person to your world!

God bless you and see you next time!🙋

Love you!😍





Episode 3 –  Wait for the Instruction

Psalm 32:8

Hi Lovelies, I trust you are all doing well. I hope you have been enjoying this series on “In His Presence”. Today we want to touch on an important aspect of God’s presence. We do not just go into God’s presence to receive peace, love and Grace, we also go into God’s presence to receive instructions. An instruction is a sign that your prayers have been answered. You activate your answers to prayers by acting on the instructions you receive in the place of prayer.

Let me quickly say that if you prayed and did not receive any instruction then you need to get back in. You see, God is not raising complacent children as he is in no way a complacent God. God is raising children who know how to transform the answers God gives them into divine manifestations here on earth. They do this by passing those answers received in the place of prayers through the pipeline of instructions. Therefore the next time you pray, thank God for the confirmation of answered prayers and earnestly seek divine instructions that will indeed establish your answers here on earth.

God bless you, I love you and see you next time!🙋




Episode 2- Moving higher than feelings (Hebrews 13:5)

Hi Beautiful, how are you today? I am going to be continuing this season’s teaching of God’s presence. For a lot of us we were introduced to God’s presence from the ‘feeling’ dimension. However feelings are just one of several ways to experience God’s presence. There are certainly other dimensions to God’s presence. One of them is the faith dimension.

This dimension however is a higher calling. This time you have to get above your feelings and reach out to a place of faith. You believe that you have God’s presence just because you were promised (Hebrews 13:5) and because He who promised never breaks a promise.

So the next time you start looking for the feelings and you don’t find it, remember it’s a higher calling to the level of a faith walk. No more feelings, we walk by faith.

God bless you and see you soon!





Episode 1- What is God’s presence to you? (Exodus 33:15)

What does God’s presence mean to you? Is it a place you walk in and out of? Is it just a feeling you get into and get out from right after your morning devotion and then back into the next morning?

I put it to you today that God’s presence is God himself. The Bible says that without God you can do nothing (John 15:5). This tells me that everything you do outside God’s presence can only amount to nothing. Therefore if you want everything you do to count, you must count God into every second of your life.

Become a permanent resident of God’s presence and become a permanent victor winning battles you never fought for. #InGodiseverythingincludingvictory

See you soon!





Episode 1: Who belongs in your Relation  Ship?

Luke 5:1-11

I have realized over time that more than anything that my relationships determine how far I can go fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. So if relationships are these important, then I must guard this ‘ship’ of my life properly.

Our best example is Jesus and there are a lot of lessons we can draw from Him in terms of how he chose his disciples (the guys in His Relation Ship). Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose Judas knowing who He was? The lesson here is we will certainly a Judas in our relationship to stretch our capacity to forgive. As humans we always lean towards things or people that are good to us without even asking if they are really good for us.

My encouragement to you today is to Let the Judas in your ship be. They are there to prune you and shape you into being a perfect fit for God’s plan. Let me quickly state that this is not synonymous to allowing these people hurt us. Jesus would not take Judas to the Mount of Transfiguration. I hope you get the balance to this. Keep learning and forgiving until God says “its time up” for the Judas in your life.

Love you and see you next time!





Episode 4: Want it customized?

Trying to fit into other people’s revelation all your life is like trying on the shoes of others all your life  in order to get your perfect size. You see, sometimes it might fit, at other times it may not. Our spiritual walk with God is about finding where we best fit into God’s plan for our lives. This is essentially what the word of God does for you. It helps you to fit perfectly into God’s authentic plan for your life.

We must strive to get to a point in our lives where we seek to know God for ourselves on a daily basis. This certainly by no means belittles listening to ministers of the gospel. These ministers of the Gospel serve as a guide for us as we read the scriptures and help us understand even better how we fit into God’s purpose for our lives.

Our best fit will definitely be determined straight from the word of God. Strive for a personal relationship with God so you can have your customized revelation that will fit into every area of your life. Nothing beats that!





Episode 3: Give Your faith Walk a Work balance

Hebrews 11:6

I remember when I first started to attend interviews while I was in Grad school. I would go for interviews and sometimes get to the last stage and be told that they had moved on with other candidates. I would be so frustrated and  cry to the Lord in prayer about what He wanted me to do. The lord gave me a two-fold answer. He told me to go into welfare and ask the enemy to take his hands off my job. Secondly He told me frantically that I was never sufficiently prepared for these interviews.

So, I started to study for interviews intensely while praying even more intensely asking God to reveal to me questions that will be asked at the interviews I attended. I went into spiritual welfare and asked the enemy to take his hands off my job. Then my moment came, God started to work things in my favor because now my obedience was complete. I would literally walk into interviews knowing exactly what I would be asked.

I can tell you this with all sense of humility and Glory to God that since I started to obey God on this I have never been denied a job. I got out of grad school with four jobs to choose from (two were multinational jobs).

The moral of this story is that God will have us take responsibility in finding out areas we need to work on while waiting on Him for answers. I like how my Pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo puts it, He says “Any faith that is absolutely dependent on God is an irresponsible faith!”.





Episode 2: Staying true to this walk

Philippians 1:6

Do not let anyone judge your spiritual standing with God based on the material things that you have acquired or that you are in the process of acquiring. Just because you do not have certain material things that men look out for does not mean you are less of a child of God. God is working on us an exceeding great salvation. There is time for everything. The Bible says No good thing will he withhold from them who walk uprightly with God. Stop bowing your head to the ground among friends just because you do not have the seemingly material things that they might have.

Listen, what God has invested in you has much more worth than any material thing you get. This knowledge is so important so that even when you get material things they don’t define your life. God defines us and not any material thing. Regardless of your state per time, just trust God for what He is working out in your life, allow God to finish cooking what he has in store for you. Be proud of the work God is doing in you as the work he does in you will eventually lead to what He will do for you and what He will do through you which is even the highest of rewards.

Stay focused on your walk with God. Seek Godly counsel and ask God to show you areas of your life He wants you to work on.

Quote of the day: Just because someone went ahead does not mean you are behind, be committed to your path and your walk-the whole bits






Episode 1 

Look, someone just went ahead!

2Corinthians 10:12

So I will start with this line that The Holy Spirit dropped into my Spirit just a couple days ago. Just because someone has gone ahead of you in terms of getting the physical stuff (maybe like a job, a spouse, a business or just anything at all) does not give them spiritual authority over your life. I will just break this down very quickly. There are seasons in our lives where we are in a place of believing God to do certain things in our lives only to realize that everyone else around us have gotten all the things that we  are still crying to God day and night about. So, as a result you start to fee like there are certain things these people are probably doing that you need to start doing. Instead of seeking the Lord first, you start to seek counsel from them about what they are doing. Remember we are all on a journey but just as our destinations differ so also are the paths through which we would get to our destinations.

Ina bid therefore to do what you think is the solution to your predicament as you may have labelled it (even though many times God does not see it that way), you start to lower your spiritual standards. Some of them may tell you stuff like “you pray too much”, “you fast too much”, “how serious can your problem be?” You then suddenly find yourself in a place where you start to reconsider all of God’s instructions and gradually you transfer your spiritual authority to these people in terms of whose instructions to follow. I am not saying you should not seek counsel from people but ensure you seek counsel from God first. God then directs you to who to talk with. When you eventually start talking with whoever you believe God has directed you to, weigh everything they say with God’s word. Spiritual exercises can never be too much. There is definitely a place for balance but God will definitely lead you to the place of balance if you genuinely stick to him.




SEASON3: Episode 1


1Corinthians 16:9

There is something about the blessing. The blessing is usually covered by a cluster of challenges but it is just a matter of time till the blessing finds its way out. I have realized in the Bible that those who carried the blessings were those who had the greatest challenges among their brethren or peers.

Talk about Abraham, his siblings were already bearing children but somehow it just didn’t get to his turn for a while. Jacob was the one toiling all his way to getting the wife of his dreams and his freedom from his uncle yet his brother was having such a wonderful time acquiring wealth. We go all the way to David. David was the one in the field watching over the flocks. He was the one that was not reckoned with. Talk about Ruth, her mates must have been married with kids and here she was with no hope of her future.

But guess what? All these people were actually the carriers of the Blessing. To drive this point home, they were all descendants of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Does it seem like you are facing challenges in a way that distinguishes you from every other person around you? It is because you carry the blessing. You will be celebrated soon. Strip the challenges off your blessing today.

God bless you!




SEASON 2:Episode 1


Philippians2:13; 1Samuel 10:9

I like how The bible says that it is God who works in us both to will first (a thing of the heart) and to do according to His good pleasure. You see, every good we do as Christians is not about our beautiful heart as it may seem, it is about God who is working in us to do these good things. None of us are really ‘good’ as it were, we do what we do because of He who works in us. Once we became born again we got a heart transplant to do what made us look like we are really good people. Remember how the book of Samuel puts it while talking about Saul. It says that once Saul was anointed to be King, he got a new heart. At new birth we get a heart to do good in the exact way God would have done it.

Therefore if you are in a place where you find it so hard to do good to others, I recommend you get a heart  transplant by surrendering your heart to Jesus. Finally next time someone talks about how good a heart you have, appreciate it but remember this isn’t about you but about The God who works in you both to will and do according to His good pleasure.




SEASON 1: Episode 2

You have a Part in God!

1Samuel 17

Eliab, Abinadab and Shammah were from the same family as David. It looked like they had all the advantages. They had it all going well for them. David on the other hand was disadvantaged in every way as it may have seemed. David’s story looked like He had no part in his family. Alas He had a part in God. To have a part in God is all you need to be showcased to your world. It was just a matter of time before David became a household name just keeping it real in the place of his purpose regardless of whether he had an audience or not. The only audience you need for your purpose right now is God. God is all you need and if you are a child of God then you have got all you need because you have got God. You may not have a part in your family, friends or among certain others but guess what you have a huge part in God and that’s all that matters. God bless you!




SEASON 1: Episode 1

Multiply Your Fan Base!

1Samuel 17

Sometimes it feels like we are doing great things and no one is even noticing. It appears that we are doing more than those who we are meant to be part of but for some reasons the recognition light only beams on all others except on you. King Saul didn’t know who David was even though his brothers were the top officials in King Saul’s army. Generally speaking, King Saul should probably have known the family members of those in his army at least to an extent. Alas, David was a part of this family that had three generals and yet was not known. He certainly had no fan base, o he had a fan base of the flock. But, one sure thing we know about David is that he stayed in the place of his assignment and that’s all it took to get God as his number one fan. We know how God multiplied this fan base within the next diligent seasons of David. You will definitely be brought into limelight as long as you stay in the place where God has called you. Ensure you are improving yourself daily in the place of your calling. Take a stand of diligence.