2-minute devotional

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

SEASON 1, Episode 1

Sometimes it feels like we are doing great things and no one is even noticing. It appears that we are doing more than those who we are meant to be part of but for some reasons the recognition light only beams on all others except on you. King Saul didn’t know who David was even though his brothers were the top officials in King Saul’s army. Generally speaking, King Saul should probably have known the family members of those in his army at least to an extent. Alas, David was a part of this family that had three generals and yet was not known. He certainly had no fan base, o he had a fan base of the flock. But, one sure thing we know about David is that he stayed in the place of his assignment and that’s all it took to get God as his number one fan. We know how God multiplied this fan base within the next diligent seasons of David. You will definitely be brought into limelight as long as you stay in the place where God has called you. Ensure you are improving yourself daily in the place of your calling. Take a stand of diligence.

Eliab, Abinadab and Shammah were from the same family as David. It looked like they had all the advantages. They had it all going well for them. David on the other hand was disadvantaged in every way as it may have seemed. David’s story looked like He had no part in his family. Alas He had a part in God. To have a part in God is all you need to be showcased to your world. It was just a matter of time before David became a household name just keeping it real in the place of his purpose regardless of whether he had an audience or not. The only audience you need for your purpose right now is God. God is all you need and if you are a child of God then you have got all you need because you have got God. You may not have a part in your family, friends or among certain others but guess what you have a huge part in God and that’s all that matters. God bless you.

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