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Hey! You are welcome to this first edition of bits and pieces. I trust you’d have a most rewarding time. Please relish!

This is one topic that tosses too many questions at me and just maybe a few others, I sure hope we have fun.

I am not exactly an extrovert but I love friends. I won’t say I have a lot of them-maybe I could actually count them on my fingertips. This would be majorly because loyalty means a lot to me. It seems evident though that as we progress in life (especially as regards taking the marriage vows), we have to slow down on this friend-making escapade and then focus on our ‘life-time relationships’ (I mean marital relationships) especially when those friendships involved the opposite sex.

So the deal now is, how far I can maintain friendship with my old male friends (majorly the unmarried ones) since I have now become a married woman. Do I find a way to feature them as friends of the family or just leave them out totally? Some folks would advise that as a lady you discard your unmarried male friends immediately you sign those marital dotted lines to avoid stories. This advice would apply conversely also to the guys.

I reckon a lot of guys might have had some close female friends probably before they ever met their spouses. This would owe to their personalities or the environment they may have found themselves in. So, how would you as a guy infuse your friends (especially the female unmarried ones) into family so to say without it having to seem like an issue to bother about? Sometimes it actually works in cases where friends of each of the partners just transit into becoming ‘friends of the family’. On the flip side, your spouse may not approve of some of your old friends. The truth actually is that in some cases he/she may not have any cogent reason for this declaration but you know, you can’t just get along with everyone.

Alright so the question here really is how you would want old friends of your spouse to be featured in your home.  Also to what extent would you have your spouse relate with old unmarried friends especially when these friends are of the opposite sex to your spouse?

I can’t wait to hear your take on this but o, I have got to wait, lol!

Thanks again and I am still loving you guys to bits and pieces! *smiles*




For sometime now, I have been trying to put together my thought bits on this subject.

I have always had this school of thought that a male and a female could be very good friends, I mean real close friends without strings or ties attached as the case may be.

But it looks like I am being pulled out of that school too soon to face the real world. I have had a couple of experiences- not very sweet but insightful I must say.

You know that point where your longtime friend, I mean like a yearlong or even longer can no more see you through the eyes of friendship.  He or She feels friendship is not just enough. They want something more, but really there is nothing wrong in wanting more, right? In my opinion they just need to have you to themselves. The deal is sometimes the quest for more is not always mutual-truthfully.

Alright, so I had this friend, Richard. We were so much into each other, we shared- maybe still share a whole lot in common. We kept a “close watch” on each other to ensure our short term goals were achieved and even the long term goals were being worked on. We were properly knitted into the fabric of friendship, you could put it that way.

At the time we met we were both in relationships (separate love relationships) so it was entirely platonic, I mean we both knew or maybe I assumed it was platonic.  For the whole time we kept things that way. We would go to the movies together, (I paid for my own ticket o, lol!) spend lots of time talking about our dreams, aspirations and so much more. I must add at this point that with Richard there was never a dull moment. Every meeting fired up something positive in me and I know he could say the same. He would keep me abreast on topics I  would ordinarily not read about on my own. We were just two irons sharpening each other every time we were together. We were indeed friends.

Somehow, things did not remain that way because changes are bound to happen yea?

For some really justifiable reasons trust me, my friend decides he’s done with the relationship he was in. Like it was meant to be, I also needed to pull out from the relationship I was at the time, because things were not just as they ought. Nevertheless, I still related with Richard as a friend, there was nothing more to it for me.

So, I guess my sweet friend thought it was the best time to launch into the deep since we were both unattached as it might have seemed. Unfortunately, or fortunately (if you like) he found nothing other than friendship from this launching escapade. My friend felt really bad because in his own thought (I can say because I took a quick peep *smiles*)  he felt that friendship will just not do. He tried to persuade me into something more but really, I had no capacity whatsoever for that.

Please note, I really liked Richard and respected him highly. At some point he was the most popular guy in my house, if you brought it down to who I discussed about most. Regardless, the bond for me was friendship and it felt very strong from my own end. Little did I know that the friendship bond was already loosening from his own end and was to be replaced by something else that did not have a hold on me at all.

I tried to make him see reasons why our friendship was just valid enough. He just wouldn’t see any reason why we couldn’t go further than friendship. He felt really bad that I did not feel towards him the same way he did to me. I guess he felt that I did not regard him enough to be much more than a friend to me. Gradually we grew apart and eventually the “solidified friendship ice” thawed and we both knew it.

Now sadly, we have lost out on friendship and the other important “ships” because my ex-friend does not see the friendship deal as worthwhile.

These are my thoughts….

If you asked me I don’t think the highest benefit of friendship is a “love relationship” or may be even marriage. I think that if friendship helps me achieve my purpose in life then it has scored more points than the marriage benefit.

Sometimes, we just need to get out of the state of shortsightedness; there are innumerable benefits of friendship as long as both parties are willing to give selflessly.

Love you guys to bits and pieces! Please do well to drop your comments.




“Why on earth would a married woman dress like that?” “What is a married woman looking for dressed like that?”  “Haba , and she’s supposed to be married o!”

You would probably have heard those phrases or maybe even uttered them yourself, lol! So, let’s talk about it.

Overtime, we have slid ourselves into the thought mode that once a woman signs those dotted lines on the marriage register, she signed in for a change of wardrobe.Sometimes we are so buried in this notion that we have it stereotyped somewhere in our minds what the picture of a married woman should look like. We probably might have been nursing this thought without even knowing.

Alright, so I get married and everyone is expecting a ‘married woman outlook’. As a result of my curiosity, I have been able to gather that the wedding vows don’t exactly change your outlook (except, of course for some of my friends who couldn’t help but look a lot prettier a few weeks into their marriages, lol!) It is just hard to understand on what premise the quest for change in a married woman’s outlook should be based on. I mean, I have got a fashion sense that suits what I stand for and will always stand for (by God’s grace).

I remember my mum relating to me how in the olden days a woman who got married was automatically expected to step into the ‘married woman stratosphere’, if you know what I mean. She had to fill her wardrobe with a lot more ‘iro and buba’ (wrappers and blouses to match in Yoruba, Nigerian language), than the so called ‘sisi’ (single lady in Yoruba, Nigerian language ) outfits.

On the flip side, just maybe it is about the men. Seriously if your man says the dress code transition is the drill, then of course it becomes a commandment to joyfully follow. But, really are the men in themselves down with this change of wardrobe ‘saga’

Lovely people, I can’t wait to have you reel out your thoughts on this, please help me out.

Still love you to bits and pieces *smiles*





I am excited about this episode of bits and pieces. You’d enjoy this one, I trust. I promised to talk with you about this valid connection that works (It has worked for me severally). So, it’s finally here!

One Saturday morning at about 11:00 a.m., I had just completed some house chores at the time and I was looking entirely unkempt. Imagine that Saturday look that cried out for the chores to be directed at your own self. My hair needed immediate attention, my nails couldn’t help but reel out that same plea and you could take the list on and on. While trying to pan out ways to get myself cleaned up, my mom arrives with a guest and says that she needs to introduce me to this guest. I asked her to give me just five minutes to at least look presentable (because, I wasn’t sure who the guest was, lol). You could almost guess my mom’s answer. “Just come out the way you are”, she said. Every attempt to convince my mom turned futile, so I had no choice than to oblige.

I got to the sitting room with this dispassionate look that was exchanged immediately with a look of awe as I set my eyes on this ‘already made heavenly’ figure. Throughout my entire life until that moment I had never met a guy who appeared so complete. He was the perfect match of that image I had somewhere in my mental picture of the ideal guy. He reeled out everything that could throw a young girl like me (and of course many other girls) off balance.

One word from him and I felt like I had dissolved and evaporated to the ‘Love Planet’ where I was remolded. But of course, I returned back to earth and was reminded of my unkempt look *sad*. At this point, I felt extremely uncomfortable but managed to put up ‘the confident lady’ look (you know?). He introduced Himself to me and I did same.

Fast forward to months later, we have gone on so many dates. He has rubbed off on me so much. Permit me to say that He’s gotten me all the connections I ever needed since I met Him. These connections have indeed positioned me in places I had never even imagined. The interesting part is that those placements have never been by merit. He encourages me to be my best self and pushes me forward to series of opportunities owing to His connections. He has got this Dad who owns empires round the world. As a matter of fact you can hardly find a company in this world- yes this world, where He doesn’t have the major stake. I love Him by the moments.


We are engaged now, and I am so excited about that beautiful wedding day. I have for some time  now been putting  together everything I would need for that day; my gown, my jewelries, my shoes and all the other valuables. Somehow, I don’t exactly know the date of the wedding  (He says his father would announce the date in due time). But you know what? I am just excited that, this charming prince of mine already sees me as His bride and I can wait till whenever.

Suffice to say that He has made several promises since we started courting and none of them ever falls to the ground without it being accomplished. I am so confident on this one. He’s coming for me!


Let me formally introduce you to this my lover guy of many years who has given me all the valid connections I have ever needed. Well, depending on how you view Him you can call Him just what He means to you.

I call Him my ‘ALL IN THE VERY ALL’. Some people call Him EMMANUEL, while some others know Him as EBENEZER. He’s popularly known as JESUS, THE SON OF GOD. That last name got you, I believe.

This is inviting you to this glorious wedding ceremony. There are billions of people who have signed up to attend this unspeakable event. I need to tell you that there is something entirely interesting about this occasion; every attendee is automatically a bride. The bridegroom happens to be this my lover of many years and lover of several billions (He shares love equally regardless of who you are as long as you are signed up for this occasion). So the term bride here does not just refer to the female gender, it refers both to the male and female gender. The term bride is to depict that, you are joined in holy matrimony to Someone who has a hold on your today, your future and even eternity.

All you need to do to sign up for this event is to just speak with this lover of mine and lover of several other billions. Ask Him to come into your heart, (that’s where He likes to reside) and confess Him as the son of God who paid the price for you. You can talk to Him right where you are now, and as soon as you start talking, He shows up. To know more about Him, you can read about Him in the book He inspired- THE BIBLE. You can also join the network of His so many lovers around the world.

P.S: This story illustrates how I met Jesus. My mom introduced me to Him a couple of years ago by leading me to say ‘the sinner’s prayer’. God bless my mama, *smiles*. We all come to Jesus in our unclean state as it were, His love is what makes the difference.

Jesus loves you to bits and pieces!




Overtime I have realized, that every other jackpot we hit seemed like some connection driven one as against what should have being like a merit oriented one. You could call it the admission to higher institution ‘jackpot’ (as it might have being for some of us), the new job ‘jackpot’ and of course all those other massive ‘jackpots’ that come to mind as you read this.

I guess we can all relate to this in some way. To spell this out clearer, you could refer to this version of connection as the ‘Know me? I know you.’ connection (This rings the bell louder, I guess). This ‘Know me? I know you.’ syndrome just has you inevitably caught up in it as long as you have a need. Well, the ‘Know me? I know you.’ factor might not be a bad thing after all, since it has pasted smiles on the faces of many of us right?

Where then have we flung merit to?  The merit factor seems to be finding its way into our society in a tight struggle with the ‘connection saga’ and of course with the connection saga gaining upper hand.

This is it!  I am not against connections as it were. Connection, or networking (if you like) is what makes the world move. But sometimes the connection saga just doesn’t work for some either because they do not have the right connections (you know about the right and wrong connection, yea? Lol!) or they have no connection at all despite owning all the necessary merits.

Have you had that experience where you knew you had it all, you possessed the skills, the charisma, the knowledge and all the other advantages but somehow your ‘Lack of connection’ knocked you out of the entire process? Did you feel cheated or did you just take it peacefully?

I was talking about this with a friend and he said to me ‘Temi, get connections- not just one’ and then I asked ‘How?’ and he answered ‘Strive!’


So, do we now strive for connection and let merit sink deep or keep striving for merit, hoping that one day merit will have the show? And, in honesty, which do you find yourself striving for more- Merit or Connection?
Craving your candid suggestions….

I sincerely apologize for not posting in a while, its been due to some engagements which I’ll be talking to you about soon. *smiles* And, Yes I’d be talking to you about this valid connection, trust me it works.

I appreciate You, yes You all the way!




I am a bit concerned about our younger ones today. It seems that the exposure we have today which should have culminated into strength for a good number of them is what makes them extremely vulnerable. The innocence of the child has been removed and replaced with grave vulnerability resulting from today’s so-called ‘exposure’. Now there is really no ‘child’ anymore because there is nothing you are doing today as an adult that your teenage kid brother or teenage kid sister has not tried. Conversely, there might even be something they need to educate you on (if you know what I mean).

This so-called exposure has been received by a number of them wrongly and has thrown them so quickly into a world of the unknown-maybe not so unknown if they were built up for the right things overtime. I am referring to the world of unplanned pregnancy, drug addiction, alcoholism and so much more. Sanity is gradually finding its way out of our society. Values are shredded daily by the incoming information age. The eyes have been blinded to wrong doing. The majority’s vote spells to us what is right. As long as everyone is doing it, then it can’t be wrong. All those social vices have now put on a new look of ‘not so bad after all’.

Sadly but truthfully, our younger ones do not even have mentors in us their elder ones. There are just a few of us they can look up to. This makes them fall into traps easily without anything as much as forewarning.

Who then do we toss the blame at?

These younger ones are referred to as leaders of tomorrow. Doesn’t this future tale seem like that of ‘The Blind leading the Blind’? How do we hope for a better future when the future that we see in these younger ones is somewhat bleak? Our future is already being eaten by the ‘moth’ of exposure even before getting there.

I would conclude with this quote from C. Everett Coop: “Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege than the raising of the next generation”.  A generation needs to be saved!

Please help me; I need your bits and pieces coming together on this.

Loving you guys all the way to bits and pieces!

p.s: I appreciate everyone who has stopped by this blog to make the bits and pieces culminate into one valid whole.



Welcome to this beautiful episode of Bits and Pieces!

is there still free lunch.jpg

I  appreciate everyone who has taken time  to go through this blog. The last piece was on ‘SACRIFICE’. I believe that someone has been able to touch a few lives. Well, I also hope that this ‘sacrifice ride’ has not been too bumpy for you. So, let us progress as we savour every bit of this discussion.

Recently, (or maybe it has always been that way long before I realized) it seems that every act of kindness cannot be entirely free. It feels like every good deed had to be recompensed with a ‘super good deed’. The kindness pathway has become somewhat bumpy that the act of kindness now feels like an ‘uphill task’. We echo it over and over again to ourselves that nothing is ‘free’. This would owe to some of our past experiences. So, every other time we feel obliged to repay back any form of kindness, with the other party expecting a ‘better good ‘ in return.

Before I forge ahead, I would like to give a few synonyms for the word ‘Kindness’. I came across words like humane, considerate, liberal, charitable warm-hearted. I got a lot more, but I would spare you the rest. (smiles). I perceive that all these words are geared towards selflessness.

I recall a relative narrating a story of how someone had gone to the mall to shop. At the counter, this young man paid for himself and then paid for the person right behind him, without even knowing who the person was. How phenomenal. I wish the world would have more of this.

Frankly as a lady if you went to the mall, and had that same experience (with a guy), what would you think by impulse? I am also tossing this question at the guys (with the guys being the recipient). I have had a couple of my male friends tell me that they would never show kindness in certain ways to the opposite sex because, they are not sure what the ladies might think. So regardless of the difficulties the lady (or ladies if you like), might be in at the time, they would rather just keep to themselves.

I think that this world would be a better place if, we allowed the act of kindness move freely without giving place to the bumps of sentiment.

This therefore is my query. Do we just show kindness regardless of what people might think or  fold our arms and keep safe so we do not have to worry about how our act of kindness is viewed?

Lovely readers, kindly slide in your bits and pieces on this. And yes, please do not hesitate to share your own experiences

Love you to bits and pieces!



You are welcome to BITS AND PIECES!

A little pre-amble if you don’t mind. I remember making a promise to talk about something that literally takes my time these days. That brings me to apologizing to y’all beautiful readers for not posting at all in the month of July. I promise to talk about this time ‘hijacker’ at the end of this discussion.

Yes, this is one topic I am so passionate about. I guess this topic caught you, lol! Alright, I said I am finally ready to love and yes I am *smiles*. So, let us talk about the different words we sometimes used to describe love. How would you spell love? Some folks would spell love as S.E.X, R.O.M.A.N.C.E or maybe even G.I.V.I.N.G. I personally would spell love as S.A.C.R.I.F.I.C.E and on that premise I base this discuss.

So, if I asked you, a reader of this blog; ‘When last did you sacrifice’? How long would you have to think about it before you gave an answer?

The sacrifice I refer to here is that which moves you some inches away from your comfort zone. The sacrifice that makes you forfeit a ‘wardrobe turn-around’ so as to feed one or maybe two hungry souls is that which I speak of. This ‘wardrobe’ illustration might sound really trivial but some of us can actually relate to it as sacrifice. This is the sacrifice you make expecting nothing in return (eventually adds value to you on the long run). This sacrifice may sometimes require you to lower your standard of living a bit so that someone can live up to a standard at least. This sacrifice is the one that causes you to forfeit your secondary needs temporarily for the immediate primary needs of some others.

Therefore I would propose that to live life to its fullest, we have to live it sacrificially. I hope or I feel strongly that we all aspire to make changes. We see everything that is wrong in our societies and we quickly want to reel out all the things that should have been done, how it should have been done and who should have done it. The truth however is if we are ever going to make changes (positive changes), we must be willing to sacrifice. Let us also not forget too quickly that we are who we are today, majorly because someone chose to sacrifice. I would therefore say that the future changes we await start with the sacrifices we make today.

I reckon that until you are ready to sacrifice, then you are not ready to make a change. You might be reading this blog now and say ‘I don’t have anything to sacrifice’ but the truth is at every point of our lives, we have something to give that would add more value to the life of someone else than it’s value to us at the moment. That little amount of money that means not so much to you might just feed a family around if you take time to look closely. You can start by visiting an orphanage, a remand home, or even giving that neighbor of yours a helping hand.

It is also expedient to say at this point that as ‘sacrificial’ as the word S.A.C.R.F.I.C.E sounds; it must add value to the two parties involved. S.A.C.R.I.F.I.C.E is not denying yourself the crucial needs at the expense of the selfish needs of others. It is aimed at striking a balance to ensure that to a large extent, we live a life that is not centered on fulfilling our needs only but one that extends towards a few others and maybe many others as we are enabled. Therefore in fulfilling the needs of others, we ourselves are fulfilled.

So, in other words, I say: Finally I am ready to S.A.C.R.I.F.I.C.E

Dear one, what are you finally ready to do?

I need to appreciate all of you who make out time to read this blog. You guys are just the best and nothing short. Still love you guys to BITS AND PIECES!

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In a short while, I would be putting up the link for tummiesyummies’ website so you can be part of our delight. In the meanwhile you can contact us via:





‘Rub my back and I will rub your back too’. I guess you recall that saying and what it means too.

So, we all rant corruption, like it is far up there residing with our ‘Government’ and them alone. We forget so quickly that the corruption which resides with the people moved up with them (till these people became our government) because it has always been resident in them.

I propose that corruption is closer to you than you think. Yet some may want to argue that if your corruption level has not attained the heights of depriving a number up to the entire citizens of a nation, then it would be rather adverse to refer to it as corruption.

Before we go on I would like to slip in this SECO (State secretariat for Economic affairs, Switzerland) definition of corruption, it draws us home. “Corruption means any abuse of a position of trust in order to gain an undue advantage. This involves the conduct of both sides: that of the person who abuses his position of trust as well as that of the person who seeks to gain an undue advantage by this abuse”.

Remember that morning; the LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority) official stopped you because, for some reasons you just had to make that call (against road safety regulations). You were caught and were asked to tag along with the police men to their station where you’d have to pay a seemingly huge sum; instead you ‘negotiated’ with them and paid what you would refer to as a token so you could be on your way to work as quickly as possible.

You can also tell how difficult it is to get your passport from the immigration office. If you don’t give someone maybe a token, then your proposed date of travel just translated to ‘whenever’. I just mentioned a few scenarios as a lot of us in this part of the world can relate to these scenarios. Bribery (you may want to refer to it as appreciation) is one major aspect of corruption that almost everyone has been involved in one way or the other. There are of course a lot more aspects to corruption (they would be discussed very soon)

I love the way Wikipedia defines bribery and that definition I hereby supply. “Bribery is an act of giving money or gift giving that alters the behavior of the recipient”. I reckon that tells you a lot.

Alright so it is seems like we are all in a tight corner and somehow for some reasons we have been caught in the corruption web where we had no choice than to just fit in if things had to work as planned. So you see, the corruption loop doesn’t seem to end. It streams from the top to the bottom and of course because the bottom doesn’t think there is any way out, it welcomes the corruption stream, drinks of it to satisfaction, allows the rain of uncertainty refill the stream and channels it back up and O, It looks like corruption has indeed come to stay.

Who then will bail us from this string of corruption that keeps moving freely in our land but has indeed kept the most important things from moving freely for us to enjoy.

Do we just let things be, or await a ‘messiah’ to save us from corruption, or we make the first ‘War Against Corruption’ move and slam the consequences?.

I need you guys to pull this through, thank you now and always.

Much love! *Remember it is to bits and pieces.

P.S: I sincerely appreciate everyone who has one way or the other found their way to this blog and read through, I am grateful. For those who went the extra mile to drop those lines, I can’t thank you just enough. You are just one very shining star in a million of them.




Yes! Here we are, about to relish just another beautiful edition of Bits and Pieces.

I’d really like to thank all those who took out time to read the last post and especially those who went the extra mile as to dropping those beautiful lines. I’m extremely grateful.

Alright, let us pace ahead!

I would like us to put together our thought bits on how our families affect who we are and essentially become.

I am a big fan of family.

Call it biological family, religious family, friends turned family, work place family, you probably will never exhaust this family categorization.

I was brought up in an environment where you were thought to be independent. You had it drummed into your head every now and then that you did not have to wait for anyone do specific things for you.

Regardless of how much independent lessons I got, I still found my parents doing a lot of things for me ranging from getting my first driver’s license to scouting for a job and to so much more. I remember being in school and during one of the vacation, I had to call my parents not to bother picking me up, as I  would find my way home. Don’t get me wrong, I‘m not against all these, but at some point it just felt like there was a dire need to break ‘loose’ (If you know what I mean).

So, overtime I always felt that I had to get Daddy or Mummy involved in all of my plans, if not something would eventually go wrong.

Recently,  I have had to chide myself severally  for making my parents (somewhere in my thoughts) the first point of call in launching out unto any endeavor.

Let us take a quick trip to another family system (you don’t mind yea? *smiles*)

I work with the transport unit of my church and we get to load up people into the buses that convey church members from the car park to the church premises. During one of these load up exercises, there was a sight that caught my attention. Here they were, two young boys say between the age of six and seven, standing on the queue all alone without parents that tagged along with them. For a while, I thought they were expecting their parents. Soon enough I realized they were all alone. I pulled them out gently from the queue and queried how they got to church. To my amazement, they came all the way on their own!

I had to call the attention of one of my team mates, who eventually requested the phone number of their parents. Luckily, the older one was able to supply this information.

He called their dad and we confirmed that their dad had actually sent them to church alone since their house was just a short distance away. The fact that they had to cross a somewhat major road was the part that got to me.

Well I thought to myself afterwards, “What a brave Dad!”

My thought bit…….

Today, it is very common to find a couple of grown up ‘gentlemen’ and ‘ladies’ not being able to make choices on the most trivial issues about their lives talk less of the bigger issues without consulting their parents.

They just need to get their parent’s approval for all the ‘minors’ and ‘majors’

Someone would say well, it’s a show of love for parents to be totally involved in the lives of their children till whenever; nothing binds family more than the help ingredient. I mean, if I can get help from my parents, I’ll feel loved and I can in turn show love to the outside world.

On the flip side, children who are left to do things on their own tend to be independent and indeed proactive. This would be due to the fact that they have had to make decisions on their own without so much as parental ‘intrusion’.

I need help here…… Where do we draw the line of parental care? How far can we go to ensure that the child feels loved and yet can still stand alone and firm in this present time.

Please drop your lines!

Love you to bits and pieces!




Hello Beautiful readers!

It’s that time of the year again where all things seem perfect, but not so perfect. Everyone is just so excited with the end of the year thrills. There is a whole lot of fun in the air. Its Happy Holidays everywhere!

Alright, most importantly its the year 2017 in a bit. The sound of the year 2016 music, has been turned down to the ‘whisper mode’, with the sound fizzling out gradually. I can hear the drums rolling with the sound of 2017. So, lets take a few seconds’ pause. You want to do a quick mental scan of the year 2016. January, February, March………… keep it rolling and yes, welcome back! So i felt like some people scored themselves on the outcome of this mental scan. For some of us it was a clear ‘A’ grade, for the others a ‘B’. Maybe for you another wonderful reader, you just couldn’t place a score. The uncertainties, the disappointments, the fall, the ‘not so quick’ rise and then yet another fall just happened to be the year 2016 trend for you.

But hold on, I have got good news for you!

2017 rolls in gradually with a blank check for us to fill in the exact figures that will add up to make our 2017 a swell year. The choice is solely ours. So if we hope for a better year, then 2017 can be that year. A wise man once said that those who own the future created it before they got there. Come with me on another mental creative trip into the year 2017. I prescribe that we make the choice of creating our 2017 in S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound) goals. When we create our future before we get there, we can be sure to meet the future in its created form. This is what makes our choice for a better 2017 valid. You can stay on that trip as long as you wish. The year 2014 will never get enough of that creative visit. *smiles*

Inevitably, you must place God at the center of your plans. Let him expand your plans for you and exceed your imagination with the outcome of his expanded plans. Make sure to maintain a positive outlook, and be sure to glide through 2017. Let the storms in the year 2017 take you higher and give you room for fame. It is time to give our nearest future embedded in the year 2017 the opportunity to thrive . Do not forget to be grateful now and always.

Love you guys to bits and pieces. Have a most fulfilling 2017!