The Whole Bit for Teens



Hello dear teen, you are welcome to The Whole Bits. I am so excited about this first episode of the whole bits. Today, we would be talking on The Mirror Drill.


The knowledge of who you are is the most important knowledge you will ever need throughout your life time. Unfortunately a lot of teens are still in the ‘search battle’ for this knowledge. For some teenagers, it looked like you had this knowledge at some point but then somehow, you dropped it along the way. For some others, you’ve never really had a hold on this knowledge. Then for a couple others, you have this knowledge but you are not just sure of what to do with it. So, let’s find out who you really are.


Alright,  do not think I’m going to start reeling out who you are. Trust me no one would ever know you more than you choose to know yourself. We are going to carry out a mirror exercise or a mirror drill if you like. Before this exercise, we need to promise ourselves that we would be blind and deaf to all the seemingly negative things.


Just about now I need you to get a mirror and stand in front of the mirror. Hey I know you probably did that earlier today or maybe even a few minutes ago, but I need you to do this again. There’s something new about you, that you will re-discover, I promise. Take a look at the guy/ girl standing in the mirror as it may apply to you. Now write down those physical features you admire. Be deliberate.


Next, look deeply beyond what you can see now. At this point you need to come out of yourself and be the second mirror, lol! Look inwards at your strength, your gifting, your skills and all you’ve got that is not yet visible to anyone yet. Trust me, this is one very powerful aspect of you that needs to be cherished and enhanced. Write all these down as well. Be intentional..


Still standing in front of the mirror, I need you to take a slow deliberate trip into your future and see yourself being all that you have ever wished. I recommend you do a future-based rehearsal here, to get you acquainted with your magnificent future. This image gives you power to live in the present. The interesting thing is that you are the only one that can create this image. This image creation process is actually your imagination. Please ensure to dream really big.


Now, if you carried out those exercises, I have to tell you this. The three images you saw in the first, second and third exercises describe who you really are. You need to journal all those images in text format (I hope you understand *smiling*) and take it everywhere with you. Watch how this your new knowledge companion lifts your head gradually from the ground and keeps it high. Ensure you guard your new companion and by no means exchange it for anything.


I hope you enjoyed the exercises. See you next time on the whole bits.


 Love you guys to bits and pieces and You, YES YOU are the best! Peace